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The 13th walkathon was initiated to bring about a green change in people and their practices. With the theme, ‘Walk for the Green Change’ the 13th walkathon was organized on 9th December 2017 at Bengaluru.

The event saw a gathering of more than 10000 people including children, men women, senior citizens and the disabled walk for a cause closer to the heart of the city- a green Bangalore.

The invitees for the event included the Upendra, Actor, film maker and Saalumaraada Thimmakka, an environmentalist.
The green wave that we created engulfed the minds of Bangaloreans for the coming years .We foresaw an event highly charged with energy and focused towards the cause. We aimed to leave an everlasting imprint in the minds of the people that they are galvanized though our collective and inclusive action.

  • Created awareness in the minds of able and disabled that “A Green Tomorrow” is a necessity and climate change is real.
  • A green expo inviting NGO’s working in the field of environment and Corporate with green solutions to showcase their work was held. This created mass awareness on all aspects –the problem, cause and the solutions available to tackle the problem in one event.
  • The Funds raised through the walkathon will be utilized for the Upcoming Samarthanam’s Green Environmental friendly building at HSR Layout.
  • The event concluded with saplings being distributed to all participants to initiate the change and build in a feel of it being their cause, something that the masses should relate to, own it and act on.

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Jolly Thomas

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled