Walkathon is an annual feature organised by Samarthanam on a specific theme. Initiated in 2005, it is a public event organized to raise awareness on a social cause. Walkathon invites people from various walks of life to join hands and lead the change. It creates a platform for people to exchange ideas and voice their thoughts. It also acts as a fundraiser for Samarthanam buttressing the cause of the event further and the vision at large.

Walkathon 2019 Objective

Drop - A Walk to Conserve Water
  • To create awareness on the depletion of ground water and the need to conserve the same

  • To sensitize the general public on the ways to conserve water for future generations
  • The need to ensure safe discharge of waste water and ensure recycling of grey water
  • To promote the effective ways of water utilization at residential and organizational level

  • To call for an immediate and intense action to preserve and conserve water

Water Conservation Activities by Samarthanam for the coming year