A Day to Dare the Disability!

Access to the World Health Organization page on disability states, that about 10 % of the world’s population live with disability ie around 650 million. Figuratively speaking if we were to have a nation exclusively for the disabled, it would be double the size of United States with its current population of 326,766,748 people.

With such a huge number of disabled in the whole wide world, a day dedicated to them is a must because disability in almost all cases is not by choice. In most cases its nature’s manifestation of diversity in the human kind and make and in many other accidents, conflicts, disaster’s are the main causes.

World Disability Day is a step by the United Nations- to unite the people of the world towards a cause – the disability and to create awareness around disability,  its manifestations, its consequences, stigma, and the most basic of it all the ‘rights’.

History Of  World Disability Day: How did it come by?

World Disability Day was the culmination of  17 years of efforts at international level,  marked by an year declared as The year of the Disabled ( 1981) and a decade dedicated to improving the lives of the disabled  (1983- 1992). These years were intense with contemplation, debates, dialogues on the hardships of the disabled, equality in jobs, right to dignity and respect in community life.

Observance OF World Disability DAY: What do we mean and do?

It is observed every year with a PURPOSE- to encourage better understanding of people affected and afflicted by disability (which can be any from Autism to Down syndrome to Multiple Sclerosis to Mental  Illness) along with helping people become aware of the rights , dignity and welfare of the disabled as well as raise awareness about the benefits of integrating disabled persons in top every aspect of community life from economic, to political, to social and cultural.

The disabled do not ask nor their actions imply sympathy. They deserve equality and empathy, the right to a dignified life with access to every amenity and comfort. Samarthanam Trust works towards this and every year organizes the walkathon touching each aspect of disability and powering empowerment. This year its on ‘Digital Inclusion’ with a view to keep up pace with the technological revolution overtaking the world. Technology makes accessibility easy thereby dignifying life and powering independence. The disabled have right to be a part of this which means right from the inception, design to the application they must be consulted and included, making everything accessible in the long run.

 And this eventually will be a dare to the disability!

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Jolly Thomas

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled